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Travis County Courts Telephone Numbers & etc.

Posted By on January 12, 2009

Judge Denton
Judge Denton

Judge Crain

Travis County Correctional Complex 854-4180
(Del Valle Jail)
3614 Bill Price Rd. 78617

Travis County Jail 854-9033


500 W. 10th St. 78701

Pretrial Services (Personal Bonds) 854-9381

Court Administration 854-9244

Judge Breland

Judge Breland

Judge Hohengarten

Judge Hohengarten

Travis County Clerk 854-9440

Travis County Attorney 845-9415

Checks Division 854-9574

County Court #3: Judge David Crain 854-9243

Court Coordinator: July Alvarez

Office Specialist: Delia Garcia 854-3616

Court #4: Judge Mike Denton 854-9896

Court Coordinator: Vicky Padilla

Judge Barrera

Judge Barrera

Judge Earle

Judge Earle

Ofc. Sp.: Ashley Caldwell 854-9896

Court #5: Judge Nancy Hohengarten 854-9676

Court Coordinator: Kristen Meitzen

Ofc. Sp.: Rebecca Royster 854-3632

Court #6: Judge Jan Breland 854-9677

Court Coordinator: Sharon Duggan

Ofc. Sp.: Richard Nelson 854-9743

Court #7: Judge Elizabeth Earl 854-9679

Court Coordinator: Jennifer Martinez

Judge Lynch

Judge Lynch

Judge Flowers

Judge Flowers

Ofc. Sp.: Helen Dukes 854-3791

Court #8: Judge Carlos Barrera 854-7180

Court Coordinator: Marivel Garza

Ofc. Sp. 854-7182

147th District Court: Judge Wilford Flowers 854-9311

Court Coordinator: Stella Sanchez

167th District Court: Judge Mike Lynch 854-9310

Court Coordinator: Melissa Moreno

Judge Perkins

Judge Baird

Judge Baird

299th District Court: Judge Charlie Baird 854-9442

Court Coordinator: Blanca Verastegui

331st District Court: Judge Bob Perkins 854-9443

Court Coordinator: Lisa Eufracio

390th District Court: Judge Kocurek 854-4885

Court Coordinator: Virginia Vasquez

403rd District Court: Judge Brenda Kennedy 854-9808

Judge Kennedy

Judge Kennedy

Judge Kocurek

Judge Kocurek

Court Coordinator: Reese Price

427th District Ct.: Judge Jim Coronado 854-3663

Court Coordinator: Jan Cason

Travis County District Clerk (criminal) 854-9420

Travis County Court Administration (criminal) 854-9244

Travis County District Attorney’s Office 854-9400

Trial Division 854-9265

Judge Coronado

Judge Coronado

Justice of the Peace #5 854-9049

Central Warrants 854-9751

APD Warrants 974-5299

APD 974-5000

Central Booking 854-9889

Probation 854-4600


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