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Sharon Keller

Posted By on April 1, 2009

I haven’t been following the Sharon Keller case until recently – when stories started coming out about her request to have her lawyer paid for by the state of Texas, because his fees would be “ruinous,” despite owning millions of dollars worth of property, and having a six-figure income.

Now I know the media often gets things wrong.  And maybe there’s something they didn’t know about, or got wrong.

But it’s really hard to read that without a sense of jaw-dropping hypocrisy.

I mean… what is she thinking?  She deserves to have one of the most expensive lawyers in Texas, at tax-payer expense?  In a non-criminal case?

She’s personally executed people whose lawyers were paid – for years’ worth of work – what she makes in a month.

In Travis County, your court-appointed felony defense attorney will make less than her lawyer will bill in one hour – for the entire case.

I suspect I know what she would be thinking, were she reading this blog, “But those people are criminals.  I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Lately I’ve seen a lot of that kind of thinking among those who reside at the top of the food chain.  A profound sense of entitlement, combined with an inability to grasp the concept that the rules that apply to other people, should apply to them.

Of course she’s innocent.  After all, she’s rich.

Why should she have to pay to defend herself against a politically inspired witchhunt?


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