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Napolitano to travelers: “Don’t fly.”

Posted By on November 16, 2010

That was the Homeland Security Secretary’s response to complaints about TSA’s new pat-down procedure “Resolution”, “which requires a tactile examination of passengers’ genitals.”

Her remarks came after John Tyner’s now-famous “Don’t touch my junk” video, in which he recorded his face-off with the TSA.

If they don’t  like it, they could “travel by some other means,”  she said.

I wonder what the airlines will have to say about that.

Anyway, what’s sad about the whole thing is that despite America’s obsession with terrorists and airplanes, it’s still practically impossible to die from a terrorist.  You’re about a million billion times more likely to die from an ordinary car accident, and despite all endless hours wasted at airport security lines, terrorists are not actually obligated to attack only airplanes.

While I’m personally not all that worried about “my junk,” I do hate feeling like I live in a police state.  I tried to avoid flying before; I’ll try harder now.


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