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More bitching about WordPress

Posted By on January 15, 2009

Like a lot of lawyers, I keep a cheat sheet of frequently called numbers next to my desk, so that when I need to call (for example) probation, or County Court #4, I don’t have to go scrounging around for the number.

My cheat sheet, at this point, is several years old, tattered, and marked and re-marked as numbers have changed, people have come and gone, and new courts have been added.  So I need to make a new one.  And since I need to make a new one (I thought), why not post it on my blog, since I can’t be the only one who needs this information.

Wow.  What a mistake.

I can be like the squirrel who gets caught because he won’t let go of the nut, but he can’t get it off the tree.

After spending way too much time on it, it still looks like crap.

It’s amazing how WordPress takes a seemingly simple task, and makes it insanely difficult.  (And I don’t mean to pick on WordPress.  The others are at least as bad, so far as I know, and it is, after all, free.)

I put it down to a culture gap, between people who are really into computers (computer geeks), and all the rest of us.  I don’t think they’ve ever met a feature, macro, plug-in, or whatever, that they didn’t like.  And if they can figure a way to spend an hour and a half programming something that’ll save them ten minutes, they’re as happy as a squirrel with four nuts.

Of course, without them, I guess we wouldn’t have any of this stuff.

Still, I’m glad I don’t have to understand how transmissions work, in order to get to work in the morning.


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