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Driving While Intoxicated: Travis County

Posted By on May 22, 2017

DWI is the single most common offense in Travis County.

There were 12,190 of them, over the past 3+ years.

The great bulk of DWI’s were within four categories: “Active”, “Final Disposition”, “Dismissed” and “Probation”. Those four categories accounted for 96% of the cases.

“Active” is pending cases. Final Disposition is people who got jail sentences (or SWAP – Sheriff’s Weekend Alternative Program). A dismissal means the case was dropped – no sentence was imposed. Probation includes people who are on probation, or have finished it.

Total 12190
Active: 4332 36%
Final Disposition: 3101 25%
Dismissal: 2625 22%
Probation: 1601 13%
Total 96%
Other 4%


If you take out the active cases, the state’s success rate is pretty good. They got probation or jail in 4702 cases, while dismissing only 2625. That’s 64% conviction vs. 34% dismissal rate – again, backing out he active cases.


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