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Another Day, Another Crappy Austin American Statesman Article

Posted By on February 26, 2009

The Statesman’s Steven Kretak has diligently uncovered the fact that local embarrassment-to-the-defense-bar former attorney Bruce Garrison once donated $250 to Judge Baird’s election committee.

News flash: pretty much all local attorneys donate in pretty much all local judges’ races, which has been the case since, well, since Texas began electing judges.  In other words, since always.

Now you can say that’s a smarmy practice.  (And I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you.)  You could even make the argument that Texas shouldn’t be electing judges in the first place.

But to pretend there’s something interesting or unusual about the fact that a particular defense attorney donated to a particular judge…  is ridiculous.

It’d be harder to find a judge Garrison hadn’t given money to, in the years before his drug addiction caught up with him, than one he had.


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