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Posted By on November 15, 2009

When I first heard about the Fort Hood attack, I thought the political fallout might have something to do with gun control.  (Gun nuts arguing that soldiers ought to be armed, to protect themselves against… each other.)

It didn’t even occur to me they’d use it against Obama.  But apparently they have, and they are.  (The attack proves, says Jonah Goldberg, that Obama, unlike Bush, can’t keep us safe from terrorism.)  The attack is terrorism, they say, because Nidal Hasan is Muslim.   (There are a number of other facts about Hasan – that he was an officer, male, a psychiatrist, a US citizen, and a soldier… but those facts are irrelevant, I guess.)

Unfortunately, there are more mass shootings in the US in the past few years than I can remember.  But here’s a list of some of them.

  • Robert Stewart, 45, killed 8 at a nursing home in NC.  2009.
  • Michael McLendon, 28, killed 10 in rural Alabama.  2009.
  • Robert Hawkins, 19, killed 8, at a mall in Nebraska.  2007.
  • Seung-Hui Cho, 23, killed 32 at Virginia Tech.  2007.
  • Charles Roberts IV, 32, killed 5 girls at an Amish school in Penn.  2006.
  • Jeffrey Weise, 16, killed 9 at a high school in Minn.  2005.
  • Terry Ratzmann, 44, killed 7 at a church in Wisconsin.  2005.
  • Byron Uyesugi, 40, a copier repairman, killed 7 at Xerox in Honolulu.  1999.
  • Mark Barton, 44, former day-trader, killed 9 at two brokerages in Atlanta.  1999.
  • Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebond, 17, killed 12 at Columbine H.S., Colorado.  1999.
  • John Allen Muhammad, 41, former Army sniper, killed 10 out of the trunk of his Chevy Caprice.  2002.
  • Timothy McVeigh, 26, Gulf War veteran, killed 168 with a truck bomb in Oklahoma City.  1995.
  • George Hennard killed 23 at a Luby’s in Lubbock, TX.  1991.

I’m not sure what all this proves, exactly.  Other than that it happens too regularly.  And that there is, apparently, a desperate need for psychiatric services aimed at angry, resentful men in this country.  Particularly if they have access to high-powered weaponry.


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